Philadelphia Medicare Leaving Employer Health Insurance

If you are over 65 and leaving group insurance through an employer, there is a good chance that you will be going onto Medicare. Allen Heffler, President of MyMedicareAdvisor, helps people in the Philadelphia area with their Medicare decisions. If you are leaving employer-sponsored health insurance, either through your active employment or your spouse’s, active employment, you have a short window to apply for Medicare Part B (you will probably already be enrolled in Medicare Part A). If you have creditable health coverage based on active employment, you are eligible for Medicare Special Enrollment Period. During this time period, you can enroll in Medicare Part B without penalty. This time period lasts for eight months after you leave active employment. After eight months, you are no longer eligible for a Special Enrollment Period to apply for Medicare Part B. To emphasize, this is based on you or a spouse current employment, not COBRA. If you delay more than eight months, you will then have to wait for Medicare’s General Enrollment Period to apply and enroll, which will mean delays and you will also be accessed penalties. To enroll in Medicare based on this Special Enrollment Period, you will need two forms from Social Security. Form CMS 40B-Application for Enrollment in Medicare. The second form is CMS L564 Request for Employment Information. Your employer will need to sign this last form, verifying your group insurance. Let’s face it- the entire Medicare process is really confusing and going it alone might seem like an impossible task. Medicare rules are fairly unforgiving. If you mess up and miss your Special Enrollment Period, it will not be a good situation. Allen Heffler and MyMedicareAdvisor can help. We can walk you through the entire Medicare maze. Just call us at (215) 658-1776. MyMedicareAdvisor- we make your Medicare decision easy.


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